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WWETCO FlexFilter™
The WWETCO Filter is a patented passive compressed media filter that can be used in wet weather applications, industrial waste treatment and as a tertiary filter removing up to 95% of the total suspended solids.

 Because of its versatility in treating a wide range of wastewaters, it can be used in a dual role as a tertiary filter during dry weather and then to treat excess wet weather flows making it an ideal process for blending applications. Because of its passive, non-mechanical nature, it is ideal for remote systems often required for CSO and stormwater applications. The filter has been successfully tested in raw sewage (CSO), primary effluent, secondary effluent, and stormwater applications.
WWETCO FlexFlow™
The FlexFlow™ Control Valve includes a self-adjusting membrane used for normalizing flows. The design of the valve allows the passage of a predetermined flow rate. As the remaining liquid is contained, the hydrostatic pressure is applied to the membrane allowing for the gradual increase in flows to pass.

The valve can be installed in the outlet of detention ponds, storm catchments, treatment plant inlets and streams. The non-clogging design of the FlexFlow Control Valve eliminates the need for routine cleaning or maintenance.

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