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Environmental Benefits
Since the early 1990's, the founders of Wet Weather Engineering Technology Company (WWETCO) have been involved with environmental research and consulting for water quality in combined sewer overflow (CSO) and storm water events. Wet weather presents many challenges to watersheds and waterway ecosystems in urban areas. Contaminants, bacteria, and chemicals such as wastewater, oil, and pesticides enter waterways and have a major negative impact on communities and the quality of aquatic life downstream.

WWETCO has developed equipment to provide water quality managers with simplified solutions to address storm water runoff, CSO and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) events. The WWETCO FlexFliter™ compressible media filter and WWETCO FlexFlow™ water flow control device offer many environmental benefits in managing wet weather and wastewater treatment.

WWETCO FlexFilter

Efficient Removal of Pollutants
Combined sewer overflows cause serious water pollution during large fluctuation in flows between dry and wet weather conditions. Untreated sewage is discharged to marines, lakes, rivers and streams, harming ecosystems and aquatic life. The WWETCO FlexFilter uses synthetic compressible media in a high rate filtration process to treat CSO and SSO events. Implementing a WWETCO FlexFilter in your wastewater plant will help improve the quality of receiving streams, protecting ecosystems and aquatic life.

Water Reuse
As the demand for water increases in communities around the world, water reclamation and reuse offers an effective means for water conservation. The versatility of the WWETCO FlexFilter allows it to be applied to tertiary treatment following the secondary process during normal operation. With turbidities consistently less than 2 NTU, the FelxFilter is ideal for applications for urban, industrial and agricultural water reuse.

Chemical-free Process
The WWETCO FlexFilter efficiently treats water from CSO and SSO systems without the need for chemical or polymer addition. As such, the process can be applied where the receiving stream must remain chemical free.


Reducing Erosion
Downstream impacts of watershed runoff include severe stream bank erosion, loss of stream habitat, and water quality problems. The WWETCO FlexFlow minimizes these negative impacts by helping normalize the flows upstream. Erosion of river ways and streambeds is minimized by the slower rush of water accommodated by the FlexFlow hydrostatic membrane structure.

No Energy – Low Cost
The highly efficient design of the WWETCO FlexFlow runs on mere hydrostatic pressure and requires no electricity to operate. The non-clogging design of the FlexFlow control valve eliminates the need for routine cleaning or maintenance.

Fish-Friendly Control Valves
Water flow control valves can cause problems for fish spawning and seasonal migration. The FlexFlow control valve is a self-adjusting membrane used for normalizing flows. Because there is no mechanical mechanism, the WWETCO FlexFlow is non-clogging and self-cleaning. This design allows aquatic life to pass through freely. During storm events in urban areas, water will rapidly drain to streams. The rapid change in stream flow can cause many problems to aquatic life such as rapid temperature increase or the washing away of food sources. The WWETCO FlexFlow normalizes flows and helps maintain the ecosystem for fish and aquatic insects.

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