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WWETCO, LLC, has developed and patented two technologies to date. One is a Flow Control device (WWETCO FlexFlow™) that operates, uniquely, on hydrostatic pressure differential. The other is a passive, hydraulically compressed, synthetic fiber filter (WWETCO FlexFilter™) developed for high-rate, high-performance treatment of municipal wet weather flows (such as combined sewer overflow or CSO) and wastewaters, and some industrial wastewaters.

Why Choose WWETCO
WWETCO's two founders have more than 60 combined years of professional experience in environmental engineering services. This experience helps customers meet EPA requirements and ineam water quality standards for receiving waterways.

Backed by WesTech Engineering, a leader in the municipal and industrial process equipment industries, WWETCO provides versatile and simplified solutions for wet weather and tertiary process flows.

WWETCO History
WWETCO, LLC, was originally formed in Georgia in 1996 as an engineering-consulting services firm, specializing in technologies for cost-effective control of wastewater and wet weather pollution. WWETCO currently manufactures two technologies, one with a rapidly growing presence in the wet weather market.

WWETCO was acquired by Westech Engineering, Inc. on December 28, 2010, creating a partnership that will help to better advance WWETCO's wet weather and tertiary treatment technologies.

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